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Persona 6 Color Theme and Development Details Leaked

Insider shares new leaked details for Atlus's Persona 6, including reported green theme.

Fans of the beloved Persona franchise have been eagerly awaiting news of the next mainline entry, Persona 6. While Atlus has yet to officially announce the game, a reliable industry insider may have leaked some new key details that offer a glimpse into the direction the series could be headed.

According to the insider, Persona 6 will feature a green color theme. This lines up with hints from Atlus pointing to a green motif in promotional material from 2022. The source also shared that development on Persona 6 began in 2019, around the same time work started on Persona 3 Reload and Persona 5 Tactica.

What Could a Green Theme Mean for Persona 6?

Persona 6

The choice of a green color scheme, for Persona 6 has stirred up speculation regarding its significance within the game. Some enthusiasts believe that green could represent themes of renewal or environmental awareness. It’s also possible that this new color choice hints at a shift from the settings of Persona 5 to a rural backdrop akin to Persona 4s Inaba. The future will reveal the path Atlus decides to take with this addition to the series.

While there hasn’t been a confirmation yet indications suggest that Persona 6 is nearing its stages of development aiming for a release around 2025. When Atlus eventually unveils their plans fans will be eagerly awaiting to see how the developers plan to evolve and maintain the essence of Persona, in this installment.


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