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Payday 3 Server Issues Finally Resolved, Announces Starbreeze!

Starbreeze triumphs over Payday 3 Server Issues, promising smoother gameplay.

Starbreeze Studios, the known game developer, behind the popular Payday 3 has delighted its players by sharing some exciting news. In a recent communication to stakeholders, the company declared that the Payday 3 Server Issues that had been disrupting gameplay have been comprehensively addressed. This development paves the way for the studio to improve its efforts, for the game.

The studio revealed that the scheduled maintenance performed on the Payday 3 servers yielded results. This action effectively resolved the matchmaking issues that players were concerned about.

Showcasing the games popularity Payday 3 reached a peak of 125,254 players simultaneously within five days. While this number doesn’t surpass the record set by its predecessor, Payday 2 it’s worth mentioning that an impressive 3.167 million fans engaged with Payday 3 in September.

Having put the Payday 3 Server Issues to rest, Starbreeze is now redirecting its energies to the game’s marketing activities, which had been momentarily suspended due to the technical hitches.

Payday 3 Server Issues

The developer also shared its plans for Payday 3 giving players a glimpse of the improvements to come. This includes enhancements to improve the gaming experience, new and engaging content and the highly anticipated “Syntax Error” DLC set to be released in winter.

Expressing gratitude, Tobias Sjögren, the CEO of Starbreeze, thanked the Payday 3 community for their steadfast support and patience throughout the Payday 3 Server Issues resolution phase. He emphasized the companys commitment, to the game stating, “Our path is like a marathon, than a sprint. We are fully dedicated to continuously enhancing Payday 3 to provide value to our players.”

In their bid to rectify the Payday 3 Server Issues, Starbreeze instituted significant measures during the September 29 maintenance session. The company improved both the software and hardware infrastructure of the game adding servers. This strategic decision is expected to enhance matchmaking speed and provide online services.

Fans of Payday 3 can now enjoy a gaming experience, on PlayStation, Xbox and PC platforms. Additionally Xbox Game Pass subscribers can access the game as part of their membership benefits.


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