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Exploring the Complex Ecosystem of Nidus in Caleb Wood’s Frantic New Shooter

Experience the Nidus through Caleb Wood's intricate animations.

Caleb Wood, recognized for his work, in animation on television series such, as Scavengers Reign has recently launched his created shooting game called Nidus on the platform Steam. Through Nidus Wood aims to immerse players in a environment and challenge their survival skills amidst its fast paced surroundings.

Wood draws inspiration from nature and animation as passions. In Nidus players take on the roles of controlling a flower and a wasp working together symbiotically against unusual insects. With intricate animations referred to as “weaving loops ” Wood brings the ecosystem of Nidus to life.

Overwhelming the Senses


As the animations became more intricate Wood noticed that increasing the players focus would make the game more challenging. The vibrant neon colors and the ability to control two characters simultaneously provide a gaming experience that fully immerses players in Nidus. While there is room, for improvement in terms of accessibility Nidus effectively captures the essence of an ecosystem.

Wood appreciates the difference between the world of Nidus and the minimalist design of Scavengers Reign. Both games cater to impulses with Nidus encouraging experimentation and Scavengers Reign honing Woods skills. Regardless of where Woods career takes him it is likely that his future work will continue to explore the harmony, within animated environments.


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