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New Valorant Agent Iso Revealed in Trailer!

Iso, the New Valorant Agent, brings 1v1 duels!

Riot Games has unveiled its latest addition to the Valorant roster, the New Valorant Agent Iso. With the introduction of Episode 7 Act III players now have the opportunity to experience Isos abilities firsthand. One ability that stands out is his game changing ultimate, which creates a 1v1 battle arena where opponents are trapped.

Iso, from China and known as a fixer for hire has mastered the art of harnessing the energy scattered across the map. This grants him advantages such as shields, cover and the incredible ability to create 1v1 arenas. While Iso excels at eliminating foes as a duelist there is also an emphasis on team play in his skill set. His combat prowess is truly impressive making him a formidable opponent in any match.

One notable ability that Iso possesses is called “Double Tap.” This skill provides him with a shield of blocking an instance of damage. To activate this shield players must eliminate an enemy. Assist in taking them down. Once accomplished they can target a pop up that appears over the defeated foe to acquire a shield. This shield is even powerful enough to deflect ultimates like Razes making it an invaluable tool in moments.

New Valorant Agent Iso

Additionally Iso has another ability called “Undercut.” It allows players to shoot through walls with precision and hit enemies on the side. When struck by this ability enemies become more vulnerable and susceptible to damage, for a duration.

Isos “Contingency” skill is definitely going to spark some discussions, among players. This ability creates an movable energy wall that blocks both vision and bullets. When used in the presence of an enemy it forces them to either change their position or wait until the wall disappears giving Iso an advantage.

What really stands out about Isos abilities is his ultimate, called “Kill Contract.” This ultimate brings both Iso and the first enemy it targets into a 1v1 arena ensuring a fight. While this ability is impressive it does deviate from Valorants core principle of being a team based shooter.

Nicholas “Nickwu” Smith, who works as a game designer for Valorant provided some insights into the creation of Iso. The goal was to design a duelist that puts emphasis on gunplay. By excluding mobility and healing from Isos abilities the team aimed to make him unique –, like a Juggernaut. This led to the development of his shield ability which allows Iso to charge through teams without relying on mobility or healing.

While Iso offers a fresh and exciting gameplay experience as the New Valorant Agent Iso, some players might find him challenging to play against. We will truly see his impact, on the game once he officially launches in Valorant Episode 7 Act III on October 31st.


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