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New Styles and Features Added to Popular Ray Ban Meta Smart Glasses

EssilorLuxxotica partners with Meta to expand collection of Ray Ban Meta smart glasses with additional styles.

Meta’s collaboration with EssilorLuxxotica to create Ray Ban Meta smart glasses has been a major success since their launch. Due to high demand, the tech giants have expanded the collection with additional frame styles to accommodate more faces. They have also improved the capabilities of the smart eyewear.

Two new frame designs – Skyler and an updated Headliner – have been created. Skyler takes inspiration from retro styles for a vintage look. The revised Headliner features a lower bridge for enhanced comfort. Both will be available for prescription lenses. A limited edition pair has also been designed celebrating a famous motorsports brand.

Enhanced Tech For New Possibilities

Ray Ban Meta Smart Glasses

The latest version of the Ray Ban Meta smart glasses now enables hands-free video calling on Messenger and WhatsApp. Users can share their point of view easily during calls. New AI features additionally allow asking questions about what you see using just your voice.

It is clear Meta is dedicated to continual development of their tech eyewear. More options and upgraded capabilities will widen the appeal and usefulness. Only further innovation will show how far the partnership can progress augmented reality accessories. Both companies are leading the way for new wearable technologies.


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