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Details Emerge on Upcoming New Dungeons and Dragons Game

The game promising to deliver a unique blend of co-op adventures, survival mechanics and more.

Gameloft Montreal, the development studio behind popular titles like Disney Dreamlight Valley and the Dungeon Hunter mobile series, has revealed they are crafting an all-new New Dungeons and Dragons game. Immersed in the captivating world of the Forgotten Realms this upcoming game, for PC and consoles will provide players with a mix of adventures intense survival challenges and dynamic real time battles.

Lee Kaburis, the producer at Gameloft Montreal expressed the teams commitment, to delivering a gaming experience set in the Dungeons & Dragons universe through this ambitious project. While specific details remain scarce at this stage Kaburis mentioned that the game will test players abilities and determination through a campaign filled with obstacles and trials.

A Fresh Take on a Beloved Setting

New Dungeons and Dragons Game

This New Dungeons and Dragons game will aim to breathe fresh life into the Forgotten Realms, leveraging the iconic setting as a canvas for innovative gameplay. The specific direction of this vision is still a secret. Gameloft Montreal aims to set their project apart, from other D&D games by incorporating innovative systems that blend various genres. With their proven track record of creating received adventures across platforms they are well equipped to immerse players in this new venture.

Both Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro have voiced their confidence in Gameloft Montreals ability to deliver an experience that will please fans worldwide. They commend the teams dedication to Dungeons & Dragons and their unique vision, for this project. As fans eagerly await information they are keenly observing the progress made by the developers at Disney Dreamlight Valley as they embark on this interpretation of the realm.


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