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NetEase’s Once Human MMO Launches, Surges on Steam

Once Human, NetEase's post-apocalyptic survival MMO, is now live on Steam.

NetEase has recently launched its game, Once Human, on both Steam and the Epic Games Store. This survival game, set in a captivating apocalyptic world has caught the attention of many players excited to explore its vast and dangerous terrain. Created by Starry Studios, a subsidiary of NetEase, Once Human promises a gaming experience by blending elements inspired by the SCP Foundation, Lovecraftian horror and post apocalyptic themes.

In Once Human players take on the role of Metas. Survivors of an invasion that has polluted Earth with a substance called Stardust. As they navigate through the landscape that Earth has become players must battle for survival form alliances with survivors and uncover the secrets behind the alien threat. With servers of accommodating up, to 4,000 players Once Human offers an expansive multiplayer experience.

Mixed Reviews and Launch Issues

NetEase's Once Human MMO Launches, Surges on Steam

Despite all the hype surrounding the games debut Once Human has received a mix of reviews, from players. While some commend the game for its engaging world and survival elements others have faced challenges since its launch. These issues range from glitches in character creation to long wait times missing rewards from testing and concerns about privacy policies and how the game plans to make money.

NetEase has been proactive in addressing some of these problems by fixing the character creation glitch and clarifying their stance on privacy. They have assured players that their personal data will be handled responsibly and that users, on Steam and EGS can choose not to use the games launcher if they prefer. With an increasing number of players joining in surpassing 100,000 users on Steam NetEase is dedicated to enhancing the player experience and resolving any issues.


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