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Marathon Returns on Steam: Bungie’s Classic FPS Now Free

Back in the mid 90s Marathon set the stage for FPS game standards we see today.

Bungies classic first person shooter Marathon, released in 1994 has made a comeback, on platforms. Of relying on fan made versions gamers can now enjoy the original Marathon game for free on Steam.

Back in the mid 90s Marathon set the stage for FPS game standards we see today. With its captivating 3D worlds, level layouts and a futuristic storyline shared through in game terminals and notes it introduced PC players to the exciting possibilities of 3D shooters.

Thanks to a fan base and projects like Aleph One Marathon has been kept alive and playable, on systems despite the aging code. Now these dedicated fans have successfully revamped the Marathon for Steam with updated features tailored for gaming platforms and controls.

A Landmark FPS Returns

Marathon Returns on Steam: Bungie's Classic FPS Now Free

The updated version of Marathon, on Steam comes with enhancements such as widescreen support, better audio quality and frame interpolation for gameplay. Despite these improvements it stays true to the feel that fans cherish from the 90s era. For newcomers Marathon provides a captivating look at the roots of person shooter games before advancements in 3D technology led to more immersive experiences. Seasoned players can now revisit this title that set the stage for games like Halo and Destiny by Bungie.

Whether you’re a long time fan making a comeback or someone new to gaming history Marathon promises an enriching journey. Its availability on Steam, for free finally opens up this overlooked FPS game to a wider audience. While gaming has evolved significantly since the 90s Marathons pioneering spirit continues to influence shooters today.


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