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Critters Conquer the City: Little Kitty Big City Takes Gamers by Storm

Little Kitty Big City puts players in the paws of an adventurous feline exploring the sights and sounds of a bustling urban jungle.

A fresh player has joined the array of Game Pass games competing for the attention of gamers. In Little Kitty Big City players take on the role of a kitten exploring a city landscape. Placed amidst towering skyscrapers and hidden alleyways the bold adventurer must rely on their quickness and cleverness to find their way home.

Developed by Double Dagger Studio, Little Kitty Big City offers a journey. Gamers lead their hero to gather treasures, fulfill tasks, for locals and unravel puzzles blocking their path to the next goal. Throughout it all the games vibe and charming visuals maintain an stress free atmosphere.

What Critics are Meowing About

Little Kitty Big City Takes Gamers by Storm

Critics have been raving about Little Kitty Big City praising its controls that make navigating and climbing feel natural for a feline. The game offers more, than the story with fun side activities like collecting hats and uncovering hidden spots to keep players engaged. Little Kitty Big City is described as an experience that doesn’t overstay its welcome providing a hours of relaxation and enjoyment.

Now that Little Kitty Big City is part of Game Pass, both young and old gamers can dive into the cityscape adventure it offers. Its charming vibe and enjoyable quests make it perfect, for unwinding after a day. So grab some catnip. Start exploring the world of Little Kitty Big City!


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