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Jukai Studio Closure Shocks Gamers

Jukai Studio closure ends a chapter in gaming history.

In a turn of events Jukai Studio, renowned for their spine chilling survival horror game Stray Souls has made the announcement of shutting down. This surprising news comes as a shock, during the season a few months after the games launch in October. Based in Poland, the studio faced a series of challenges, including cyberbullying and disappointing sales, leading to the difficult decision of the Jukai Studio closure.

The Jukai Studio closure was a result of multiple factors. The publisher of the studio, Versus Evil also went out of business making the situation more challenging. The team faced cyberbullying, which not affected the developers but also their community. Despite their efforts to make Stray Souls a hit the game didn’t receive the expected reception and sales were disappointing. Jukai Studio explained in their statement the hardships that eventually led to their closure.

Navigating Post-Closure Challenges

Jukai Studio Closure

Following the Jukai Studio closure, the company assured that no staff were laid off. The team, who functioned more as a knit unit, than a large corporation made the choice to separate in a friendly manner. This decision highlights the studios dedication to ensuring the well being of their employees going forward. Despite closing down they reassured that they won’t leave behind Stray Souls. The legal intricacies surrounding their difficulties are currently being dealt with by their representatives bringing attention to the matters leading to the studios closure.

The closure of Jukai Studio has made a lasting impact, on the gaming industry. Having been established in 2013 and later acquired by TinyBuild in 2021 the studios closure is a reminder of how unpredictable the gaming industry can be. The challenges they encountered, including cyberbullying and the harsh realities of game reception and sales shed light on the terrain that small studios have to navigate. As the gaming community processes the Jukai Studio closure, it stands as a poignant testament to the trials and tribulations in game development.


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