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Journey Studio’s Sky Children Of The Light Finally Arrives On PC

Journey Studio's critically acclaimed Sky Children of the Light has finally come to PC.

The long-awaited PC version of ThatGameCompany’s beloved interactive adventure Sky Children of the Light has finally launched via Steam Early Access. In 2019 Sky Children of the Light first came out on devices offering players an experience, in a beautiful cloud kingdom brimming with secrets and companionship.

In seven enchanting realms gamers lead their avatar. A beacon of innocence. To unravel the mysteries of each domain. Solving puzzles and navigating platforms offer a solo adventure. Sky Children of the Light truly stands out when players engage with others in the virtual realm. Its delightful social interactions promote goodwill as players illuminate each others journeys.

With over 260 million downloads worldwide, Sky Children of the Light’s heartwarming gameplay and visuals have resonated greatly with mobile gamers. Now available, on Steam Early Access PC gamers have the opportunity to try out this game and share their thoughts. ThatGameCompany is working on improving the games visuals, performance and social aspects such, as Steam achievements and remote play options during the Early Access phase.

A New Season of Discovery

Sky Children Of The Light

To celebrate the PC launch, Sky Children of the Light is kicking off its next seasonal event titled “Season of Nesting” on April 15th. This update will bring in areas to explore exclusive limited time cosmetic items and engaging activities, for players of all levels whether they’re newbies or seasoned veterans on any gaming platform. Thanks to cross progression features the games community remains strong. Connected regardless of the device they use.

In the months ThatGameCompany aims to expand the village hub, in Sky Children of the Light along with introducing new quests and storylines. The developers are committed to providing updates that preserve the essence of gameplay while enhancing the PC gaming experience.

As Sky Children of the Light evolves, so too does the light of hope, caring, and adventure that has touched so many worldwide. Just as it lands on Steam this marks the start of a journey filled with exploration and camaraderie, for players soaring high in the sky and grounded on Earth.


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