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Jade Weapons in Overwatch 2: Player Highlights Major Flaw

Overwatch 2's Jade weapons spark debates among gamers.

The ever-changing world of Overwatch 2 has seen some interesting new developments with the debut of the Jade weapons. While many players are excited to get their hands on these emerald armaments as we approach Season 9, not everyone is feeling the love. Some in the community just can’t seem to get on board with the metallic green aesthetic.

The Jade weapons were meant as a fun new option alongside the regular updates. But they’ve also sparked some lively debates! Many have embraced the fresh colorway. However, a vocal group isn’t able to get past their disappointment. Some have compared the hue to things less than flattering. The criticism doesn’t end with looks either – how they function and who they include is also being discussed.

The Real Issue

Jade Weapons

Here’s where things get interesting – for those with red/green color blindness, the Jade weapons basically just look like the standard gold ones. This makes them a lot less novel or special. Hearing this has led to a mix of joking and frustration within the player network. Folks are commenting anything from “aww man, I’ve got gold at home” to being genuinely puzzled by the choice.

It begs exploring how to make games more accessible to everyone. Suggestions have included customizable colors so each person can appreciate the visuals in their own way. As Overwatch 2 continues growing and changing, this experience with the Jade weapons is a good reminder of finding a balance between new ideas and considering different abilities. In the end, including the whole community will make the game better for all.


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