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iPhone 16 Pro Max to Boast World’s Slimmest Bezels

iPhone 16 Pro Max rumored to feature the world's thinnest bezels.

Apples to be released iPhone 16 Pro Max is expected to cause a stir, in the smartphone market due to its slim bezels. Recent leaks and speculations suggest that this flagship device will showcase the bezels globally surpassing its main rival, the Samsung Galaxy S24.

A source named Setsuna Digital, known for sharing details on tech products has revealed that the iPhone 16 Pro Max will feature bezels measuring 1.15mm while the iPhone 16 Pro will come with slightly thicker 1.2mm bezels. In contrast the current iPhone 15 Pro is reported to have 1.71mm bezels indicating a decrease in thickness, for the models.

A New Era of Premium Design

iPhone 16 Pro Max to Boast World's Slimmest Bezels

Slimming down bezels has been a trend, in the smartphone industry as companies aim to create devices with screen space in a smaller size. The upcoming iPhone 16 Pro Max is rumored to have the bezels ever seen potentially setting a standard for high end smartphone design.

Known insider @UniverseIce has supported these rumors mentioning that a reliable source confirmed the bezels on the iPhone 16 Pro Max compared to the Samsung Galaxy S24. This adds credibility to the speculations. Indicates Apples commitment to pushing boundaries in smartphone design, with their flagship models.


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