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Gigabyte Z790 Motherboards Face Issues with Latest Intel CPUs in BIOS Updates

Issues with latest BIOS updates on Gigabyte Z790 motherboards prevent accessing BIOS.

The latest BIOS updates released by Gigabyte for its Gigabyte Z790 line of motherboards have run into problems according to reports. The recent software enhancements were intended to provide compatibility, for Intels generation Core i9 14900KS processor. However numerous users have reported experiencing issues

Users of Gigabyte Z790 motherboards including the used Aorus Master model have taken to forums to express their frustrations. They have noted that following the installation of the BIOS updates attempting to access the BIOS setup leads to freezing of keyboard and mouse inputs. This renders any modifications or adjustments to execute. Cpus and memory setups, on Gigabyte Z790 boards have been impacted by this issue.

Issues Affect Many Gigabyte Z790 Motherboard Models

Gigabyte Z790

The latest beta BIOS versions are causing issues as indicated by a lowercase letter following the version number. Users experiencing problems are finding it challenging to activate features, like XMP profiles for their RAM due, to freezing. With the inability to access and adjust BIOS settings Gigabyte Z790 motherboard users are unable to utilize their processors.

Gigabyte is currently falling behind manufacturers in supporting Intels CPUs in the Gigabyte Z790 series. Therefore it is recommended that owners refrain from updating the BIOS until a stable non beta release is available. If an update is necessary be sure to follow all provided instructions. The resolution of these issues affecting many Gigabyte Z790 motherboards remains uncertain at this time.


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