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Get Ready for Epic Mischief with Star Wars Outlaws!

Explore the seedy side of the galaxy in Star Wars Outlaws, a thrilling adventure.

In the world of Star Wars Outlaws lets forget about the Jedi and menacing Sith for a moment. Instead lets focus on the less glamorous side of the galaxy. This game, which was announced in 2021 introduces us to Kay Vess, an outlaw who prioritizes her major score more, than anything else in the universe. Ubisofts narrative director, Navid Khavari highlights their intention to create a story centered around a character like Kay who exists outside of the Empire, versus Rebellion narrative.

Star Wars Outlaws immerses players into the criminal underbelly of the Outer Rim. It offers a perspective by delving into the darker and ambiguous aspects of the Star Wars universe. The game guarantees an experience where players can engage in heists face betrayals and encounter an array of characters. Taking inspiration from the canceled Star Wars 1313 project Ubisoft aims to deliver an adventure where players navigate through the parts of this vast galaxy.

The Outlaw’s Journey

Star Wars Outlaws

The games narrative heavily relies on its setting. Taking place in the time period, between “The Empire Strikes and “Return of the Jedi ” it presents a moment for underground activities. Through the collaboration between Ubisoft and Lucasfilm a game world has been created that feels both familiar and fresh. It includes planets like Tatooine along with locations such as the moon of Toshara. As players explore bustling cities, vast open environments and even space itself they will get to experience aspects of the Star Wars universe.

In Star Wars Outlaws every decision you make carries weight. Assuming the role of Kay Vess you’ll have interactions with syndicates that shape your reputation and determine how the story unfolds. The game offers a blend of exploration on foot, thrilling speeder chases and interstellar travel to provide players with an Star Wars experience. Thanks to Ubisofts commitment to an open world format you can fully embrace your role as an outlaw while making choices that define your journey, across the galaxy.


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