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Frogwares Becomes Exclusive Publisher of The Sinking City After Nacon Dispute

Publisher of The Sinking City: Frogwares' Victory Tale

After a tumultuous legal battle, Ukrainian game studio Frogwares has emerged victorious, now holding the reins as the sole publisher of The Sinking City. This detective game, inspired by Lovecraft has been involved in a copyright dispute, with its publisher Nacon. However Frogwares has now successfully established its position, in the gaming industry.

Frogwares’ journey to becoming the publisher of The Sinking City was fraught with challenges. The studio has accused Nacon of making copyright claims after the game was released not paying royalties and withholding payments. In a move Frogwares even tried to remove the game from Steam in order to sever ties, with Nacon. They advised fans against buying the game on Steam. Even issued a DMCA takedown notice claiming that Nacon had uploaded a hacked version of the game.

The Future of The Sinking City

Publisher of The Sinking City

Now, as the undisputed publisher of The Sinking City, Frogwares is not just looking back at its struggles but forward to a promising future. The studio has just revealed their plans, for an updated edition of the game, which includes all the bug fixes. However they want to make it clear that previous save files may not work with this version. To make things easier during this transition Frogwares is providing options, for players to either stick with the version or utilize made save files specifically designed for their upcoming DLC called “Merciful Madness.”

Frogwares strength and determination can be seen not in their wins but also, in their ability to continue working amidst the tumultuous events of Russias invasion of Ukraine. They persisted with their efforts particularly focusing on the development of the Sherlock Holmes series. Their recent release, “The Awakened,” was created under these circumstances demonstrating their unwavering dedication to their craft.

Frogwares’ journey as the publisher of The Sinking City is a testament to their dedication and passion for game development. Despite facing geopolitical obstacles they have managed to overcome them. Are now stronger, than ever. The gaming community is excitedly anticipating the innovations that Frogwares with their newfound empowerment will bring to the world of video gaming.


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