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Firewall Studio First Contact Shuts Down

First Contact shuts down, ending a VR gaming era.

The gaming world received startling news as First Contact shuts down, a studio at the forefront of virtual reality (VR) gaming. This pioneering company based in Los Angeles known for pushing the boundaries of reality (VR) has decided to close due, to a lack of support from the industry.

First Contact has made an impact with their game Firewall Ultra for PlayStation VR2, which was a sequel to their 2018 title, Firewall Zero Hour. Despite their achievements maintaining the studio has proven to be challenging. The studio explained that, as an AAA VR game developer they are unable to justify the expenses involved. This highlights the realities faced by VR innovators.

The Legacy of First Contact

First Contact Shuts Down

Founded in 2016 by a team of ex-Starbreeze developers, First Contact shuts down after a journey filled with ambition and technological advancements. With an investment of $5 million the studio set out to create captivating reality (VR) experiences. However due, to the shifting dynamics of the gaming industry and its fluctuating support and priorities this unforeseen outcome occurred.

The closure of First Contact is not merely the end of a company; it represents a moment in the VR gaming industry. Their departure leaves a void in the VR landscape highlighting the challenges confronted by trailblazers in this evolving sector. Nonetheless their accomplishments continue to serve as an inspiration for ventures, in VR.

As the chapter of First Contact shuts down comes to a close, it’s essential to acknowledge their contributions to VR gaming. Their dedication, to creating gaming experiences and their forward thinking approach have established a standard that future developers in the VR industry can aspire to. Even though their narrative may come to an end the impact they have made on the world of reality will endure, leaving a lasting impression, on others and serving as a source of inspiration.


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