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Fallout New Vegas Gets Stunning Visual Upgrade With Free Mod

The mod works by replacing the game's default lighting with path-traced alternatives.

The post-apocalyptic wasteland of Fallout New Vegas is looking better than ever thanks to a graphics overhaul mod that introduces ray tracing to the beloved 2010 title. Modder Marty McFly has released an RTX Global Illumination mod that brings photorealistic lighting and shadows to the Mojave Desert through path tracing.

Over a decade since its original release, Fallout New Vegas remains a fan-favorite in the series for its branching narrative and roleplaying depth. But with dated graphics, it hasn’t aged as gracefully on modern hardware. McFly’s mod changes that, bringing cinematic visuals to better immerse players back into the iconic Fallout New Vegas world.

Ray tracing implements physically accurate light behavior, with rays traced from cameras through pixels and reflections. This enables accurate lighting, shadows, and global illumination effects. In Fallout New Vegas, it makes nights truly dark while interiors and outdoor areas come to life with realistic ambient occlusion, indirect lighting, and reflections. Even on lower-end GPUs, the difference is striking.

A New Lease on Life for Fallout New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas

The mod works by replacing the game’s default lighting with path-traced alternatives. Areas like Goodsprings, Primm, and New Vegas Strip take on a whole new atmosphere. Nights in the desert are now pitch black, requiring the use of lighting or night vision. Interiors like abandoned buildings and casinos feel creepier with subtle indirect lighting shining in.

The RTX Global Illumination mod for Fallout New Vegas is available now for free on Nexus Mods. For those with RTX graphics cards, it’s a must-have to experience Obsidian’s masterpiece in a whole new light. The mod breathes new life into the decade-old classic, keeping the Fallout New Vegas experience fresh for years to come.


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