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Fallout 4 Upgrade Coming Soon – Free DLC for Post-Apocalyptic RPG

The first Fallout 4 upgrade adds new quests and areas to explore.

Bethesda Game Studios announced today that their popular post-apocalyptic RPG Fallout 4 will be receiving free additional content and upgrades in the future. Details on the first Fallout 4 upgrade are coming soon.

Since its release in 2015, Fallout 4 has transported millions of players to a devastated Boston Commonwealth centuries after a nuclear war. Through exploration of the open world wasteland, players have experienced Sole Survivor’s personal quests and side stories. Now Bethesda looks to expand the experience even further with free additional content.

“We want to continue supporting the game and its community with new adventures and improvements,” said Bethesda’s Todd Howard. “Our team has some great ideas for the first Fallout 4 upgrade.” While full details are still under wraps, Howard teased it will include new quests, items, and areas to explore in the Commonwealth. For fans of the game still logging hours in the wasteland, it offers more to discover.

What Can We Expect From The First Fallout 4 Upgrade?

Fallout 4 Upgrade

Although specifics are not yet revealed, past Fallout add-ons provide clues to the potential scope of the new Fallout 4 upgrade. Like previous expansions, it will likely provide 5+ hours of new gameplay. New questlines may involve undiscovered locations or factions in Boston. More customization options for weapons, armor, and settlements are also probable. Most exciting for players will be new story content continuing Sole Survivor’s epic journey in the devastated world. Fans will have to wait for more announcements from Bethesda for confirmed details.

The iconic RPG wraps up its first year with this surprise announcement of free additional content. As one of 2015’s most acclaimed games, Fallout 4 continues engaging its massive fanbase. The first Fallout 4 upgrade looks to strengthen that loyal following while treating long-time players to new adventures in the Commonwealth wasteland. Exciting times are ahead for fans of the post-apocalyptic series.


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