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Exploring the Decadent Worlds of H.P. Lovecraft in a New Story-Driven FPS

Experience the Decadent world as veteran John Lorn.

Fulqrum Publishing is set to unveil a brand new story-driven first-person shooter inspired by the cosmic horror of H.P. Lovecraft – “Decadent”. Slated for release in 2025, Decadent promises to deliver a deeply unsettling journey into the Decadent worlds imagined by Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos.

You take on the role of John Lorn, a veteran of World War 1 who becomes host to a mysterious parasite during his research into the occult. Driven by clues from a vanished Miskatonic University expedition, Lorn must venture into the Arctic to uncover ancient secrets. Along the way, players will have to battle not only eldritch horrors but also their own deteriorating sanity using the game’s psychological horror elements.

Exploring a Vast and Terrifying Playground of Terror


Decadent will offer landscapes to explore including forests, frozen tundras, mysterious underground lakes, endless ice formations and caverns teeming with strange fungi. Players will have access, to an arsenal ranging from firearms of the 1920s to enchanted relics to aid them on their descent into madness. The immersive world of Decadent will be brought to life through visuals and hyper realistic graphics.

Stay tuned for updates on Decadent as it gears up for its 2025 launch on PlayStation 5 Xbox Series X/S and Steam. In the meantime you can add the game to your wishlist and dive into the horror of H.P. Lovecrafts universe. Decadent promises a journey, like no other.


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