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Exciting VR Mode Coming to EA Sports WRC

Experience the thrills of rally racing in virtual reality.

Codemasters recently unveiled details, about the Season 4 update for their praised rally racing game EA Sports WRC sharing news about the inclusion of virtual reality functionality for the PC version. The developer mentioned that the new VR feature will be developed using OpenXR technology to offer a level of engagement and realism to the rally racing gameplay.

Enthusiasts of racing games have been eagerly anticipating the integration of VR technology to truly capture the fueled excitement of navigating rugged rally tracks in all terrain vehicles. With its scanned tracks and wide selection of licensed WRC cars EA Sports WRC already delivers one of the most authentic rally racing experiences on offer. The introduction of head mounted display support is set to elevate immersion by putting players, in the drivers seat.

When Can We Expect the VR Update?

EA Sports WRC

Codemasters is still putting the finishing touches on the VR mode, for EA Sports WRC with plans to release it as an update for PC gamers by the end of April. Fans can look forward to diving into the heart pounding excitement of racing down twisting dirt paths in reality within a few weeks. Keep an eye out for details and requirements on the games news channels as we get closer to the launch date.

Enthusiasts of EA Sports WRC who crave a immersive rally racing experience won’t want to miss out on this thrilling new VR update. The games emphasis on realism and authenticity makes it a perfect fit, for exploring through a head mounted display promising to elevate a racing simulation to new levels of intensity and engagement.


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