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Epic Games Store Faces Suicide Squad Delay

Epic Games Store's Suicide Squad release postponed.

Gamers who are eagerly anticipating the release of “Suicide Squad; Kill the Justice League” on the Epic Games Store will need to exercise patience a while. In a turn of events the games debut on this platform has been pushed back by one month.

While other gaming platforms will welcome “Suicide Squad” with arms in February 2024 Epics marketplace will join in the festivities in March. This delay, which was announced by Rocksteady Studios, on Discord adds a twist to the intricate release schedule of the game.

A Test of Patience for Fans

Suicide Squad

The delay has sparked a lot of discussions, among fans, who have already experienced delays for “Suicide Squad.” In the midst of this Rocksteady has advised fans to be cautious about spoilers and to navigate the digital world carefully.

With a release date scheduled for March 5 2024 the excitement surrounding “Suicide Squad” on Epic Games Store is reaching its peak. Despite the wait gamers are still buzzing with anticipation for what’s expected to be an addition, to their gaming collections.


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