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Epic Games Announces Global “V-Bucks Hike” Amid Inflation Concerns

Fortnite's in-game currency faces a "V-Bucks Hike" due to global inflation.

In the wake of rising global inflation, Epic Games has announced a significant “V-Bucks Hike” for its renowned game, Fortnite. This measure, scheduled to take effect on October 27 2023 is a response, to the rise in prices and its impact, on the economy.

According to an official statement from Epic Games, the “V-Bucks Hike” will affect the pricing of V-Bucks and real money content Pack offers in several countries, including the Czech Republic, Denmark, Eurozone nations, Hungary, Japan, Norway, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Turkey, and the United States.

It’s important to mention that the United Kingdom, Canada and Mexico also experienced price adjustments earlier in June. These changes were made due, to currency fluctuations caused by pressures.

Epic Games has confirmed to its users that the cost adjustment will not impact the subscription fees, for Fortnite. However, the “V-Bucks Hike” will translate to an approximate 12%-15% increase in the cost of V-Bucks in several regions.

V-Bucks Hike

There are changes happening at Epic Games as well. Recently Charlie Wen joined the company as their creative officer. Charlie is a concept artist and designer who has worked with known companies, like Riot, Disney, Marvel and Sony. He takes over from Donald Mustard, who had a 25 year career, with the company before retiring.

While the “V-Bucks Hike” is attributed to inflation, some argue that Epic Games could have absorbed the rising costs instead of passing them onto the consumers. The Covid 19 pandemic has had an impact, on the economy leading to several corporations increasing the prices of their products to manage inflation and make up for lost profits.

Epic Games recent decision is worth mentioning given the reports of them letting go of around 900 employees, which accounts for 16% of their workforce. With prices going up and a potential reduction in developers there are concerns, about how gamers will perceive the value they receive in the future.

The gaming community awaits further developments and responses from Epic Games regarding the V-Bucks Hike and its implications.


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