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EA Shelves Plans for Highly Anticipated Dead Space 2 Remake

EA shelves Dead Space 2 Remake due to first game's sales.

Fans of Visceral Games‘ beloved Dead Space franchise received disappointing news this week. According to reliable reports, EA has cancelled further development on a planned Dead Space 2 Remake. As the first game’s remake sold below expectations, EA has pulled the plug on the sequel’s anticipated remake.

Industry insider Jeff Grubb broke the story, revealing EA’s Motive studio had been conceptualizing a from-the-ground-up remake of 2008’s Dead Space 2. However, with the recent commercial performance of the 2023 Dead Space remake, EA has decided to shelve plans for the Dead Space 2 Remake. Grubb stated it is “straight-up bad news” for fans hoping to experience Isaac Clarke’s second harrowing adventure with modern visuals and enhancements.

What Went Wrong?

Dead Space 2 Remake

While the 2023 Dead Space received widespread critical acclaim for its exceptional remake of the survival horror classic, it failed to ignite strong sales momentum. According to reports, EA expected the remake to meet or exceed performance of similar recent re-releases. But it now seems the title fell short of internal targets. With Motive now fully focused on the upcoming Iron Man game and future Battlefield projects, there is little hope the Dead Space 2 Remake will rise from the ashes anytime soon.

Diehard fans of the series can only hope EA reconsiders in future if interest in the franchise is reinvigorated. For now, fans will have to be content exploring the terrors of the Sprawl space station alone, as Isaac Clarke’s voyage aboard the Ishimura comes to a premature end thanks to commercial realities. The future of Dead Space remains uncertain.


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