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Disney Plus Takes Firm Stance on Password Sharing

Disney Plus tightens grip on Password Sharing.

Disney Plus, the renowned streaming giant, is gearing up to take stringent measures against users indulging in Password Sharing. Netflix has taken actions in the past cracking down on account sharing practices.

Recently Canadian Disney Plus subscribers were sent an email update regarding a revised subscriber agreement. This new agreement prominently highlighted terms related to Password Sharing. It seems that Disney is planning to tighten the rules, around account sharing.

According to an email sent out on November 1 subscribers will only be able to use their Disney Plus account within their household. Essentially this means that Disney Plus will be monitoring the locations from which accounts are logged in.

The goal is to ensure that all devices accessing the account are in proximity. However there may be exceptions for service tiers” mentioned in the agreement.

Password Sharing

While we don’t have all the details the overall message is clear; Disney is likely going to limit access, for users who are not located at the primary address linked to a subscription. There might be an option to add users.

It could come with an additional monthly fee. Additionally there’s speculation that with the introduction of an ad supported tier Disney might introduce a pricing model that allows logging in from locations. However as of now no official announcement has been made regarding this.

Although this policy is currently being implemented in Canada, its expected to roll out in regions including the U.S. following a phased approach as Netflix did in specific markets before going global. This strategy by Disney Plus doesn’t come as a shock, especially considering previous statements from Disney CEO Bob Iger. Iger had mentioned in August about the company’s intent to tackle Password Sharing head-on in the upcoming days.

As streaming platforms grow in popularity and reach, the issue of Password Sharing is becoming a focal point. Companies such, as Disney Plus are actively implementing measures to ensure usage and generate revenue. Subscribers, around the world should prepare themselves for these changes adjust accordingly.


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