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Destiny 2 Introduces All New Horde Mode

Guardians will be pushed to their limits in Destiny 2's new endless enemy wave mode Onslaught.

Destiny 2 is gearing up to launch a brand new Destiny 2 gameplay mode that will put Guardians’ skills to the ultimate test. Bungie has revealed Onslaught, an endless horde mode coming to Destiny 2 next month.

Onslaught will task fireteams of three with defending a critical war asset from endless waves of enemies. Players will need to work together, using their arsenal of weapons and abilities to hold off the Destiny 2 foes as long as possible. Between waves, Guardians can strategically place defensive turrets, traps and even decoy bots to give themselves an edge.

With two modes to choose from, Destiny 2’s Onslaught offers both a standard 10 wave experience as well as an ultra challenging 50 wave variant. The harder mode will constantly change up the defense location every 10 waves and even warp teams to nearby Pyramid ships for surprise attack rounds. Boss waves will also up the difficulty, pitting fireteams against powerful named enemies.

Testing Guardians to Their Limit

Destiny 2

The 50 wave Challenge mode of Onslaught in Destiny 2 is sure to push even the most seasoned veterans to their breaking point. Rotating maps, surprise attack rounds, and tough boss encounters will continually change things up, keeping Guardians on their toes. Successful runs will reward top tier loot, giving players incentive to perfect their strategies and skills.

Footage from Bungie shows Destiny 2’s Onslaught looking like a thrilling new way for fireteams to test their mettle. The endless wave style of gameplay is certain to provide countless hours of challenge and fun for Guardians. Onslaught arrives in Destiny 2 on April 9th as part of the upcoming Into the Light update.


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