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Craft Your Own Ammo With This New Starfield Mod

Craft ammo on the go with this handy Starfield Mod.

Ever find yourself deep in a firefight only to run out of ammo? Frustrating right? Well modders have been hard at work crafting solutions for common player pain points. One such modder has released a new Starfield Mod that is a game changer for any spacer who finds themselves short on bullets. Known as Shell Shocked, this mod finally brings the ability to craft ammunition to the hit space RPG.

Using the Industrial Workbench, players can learn recipes to craft the standard ammo types like lasers, ballistics and more. But you’ll need the corresponding weapon perks and Special Projects skill unlocked first. With the right resources on hand, you’ll never have to worry about running dry in the middle of a fight again. Whether you’re a completionist who explores every nook or a speedrunner trying to shave time, this Starfield Mod has you covered.

How It Works

Starfield Mod

Installation is simple, just download the Starfield Mod files from Nexus Mods and activate in your mod manager. Then head to the Industrial Workbench to discover the new ammo crafting recipes. You’ll need basic materials like metal and carbon, with rarer types requiring harder to find resources. Once the workbench is in your sights, you’ll be crafting bullets in no time to keep those guns blazing.

This Starfield Mod is still a work in progress with more recipes and custom resources planned. But already it’s smoothing over one of the few rough edges Bethesda left behind. Be sure to keep an eye out for updates that make this mod an essential download. In the meantime, happy crafting fellow spacers! May your ammo bags stay full.


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