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Cloud Gaming Evolution: Ubisoft’s Vision for the Gaming Industry

Ubisoft champions the Cloud Gaming Evolution era.

The gaming landscape is on the brink of a major shift, and Ubisoft’s chief, Yves Guillemot, is at the forefront of this change, championing the Cloud Gaming Evolution. Guillemot envisions a path, for cloud gaming drawing parallels to Netflixs journey in the television industry.

During a discussion, with the Financial Times Guillemot reflected on the doubts surrounding Netflixs foray into streaming. “Their stocks took a hit and they faced criticism ” he noted. “. Just look at their success today.”

He firmly believes that video game streaming will achieve levels of accomplishment. While it might be a gradual process, Guillemot emphasized, “Once the Cloud Gaming Evolution gains momentum, its growth will be exponential.”

Recently Microsoft made an announcement regarding granting Ubisoft the streaming rights, for Activision Blizzard games. However this decision is contingent upon the completion of the $68.7 billion acquisition of the Call of Duty publisher.

Cloud Gaming Evolution

Guillemot attributes Ubisoft’s eagerness to seal this deal to their unwavering belief in the Cloud Gaming Evolution. “In the coming years a considerable portion of video games will not just be streamed but also created through cloud based development ” he forecasted.

Ubisofts vision goes beyond the markets of Europe and America. Considering the increasing popularity of payments, in regions such, as Africa Guillemot expects an embrace of new technologies. “Countries that aim for progress often skip systems and directly adopt cutting edge technologies ” he explained. “Such regions might embrace the Cloud Gaming Evolution faster than others.”

Despite the outlook cloud gaming has faced its share of challenges. Googles Stadia, a gaming service had to close down due, to user engagement. However Microsoft remains confident in the potential of cloud gaming. Leaked plans suggest that their next generation Xbox, expected to be released in 2028 will have features to support “cloud hybrid” games.

The gaming community is closely monitoring Microsofts attempt to acquire Activision Blizzard and recent updates indicate that the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), in the UK is likely to approve the deal especially considering the Ubisoft agreement.

As the lines between traditional gaming and cloud gaming blur, industry leaders like Ubisoft are gearing up for the impending Cloud Gaming Evolution. We can only. See if cloud gaming will truly become the equivalent of ‘Netflix’ in the gaming industry.


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