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Cat Quest 3: Feline Adventure Launches This August

Cat Quest 3 brings a new tail-raising adventure this August.

Cat Quest 3 the action RPG is scheduled to launch on August 8th. Created by The Gentlebros this delightful game offers an adventure brimming with feline jokes, thrilling battles and an expansive world waiting to be discovered.

Building on the success of its predecessors Cat Quest 3 seeks to elevate the series with features, like combat and customization choices. Players will set off on an expedition, through both land and sea facing enemies and unraveling the mysteries of this enchanting realm.

Demo Available Now During Steam Next Fest

Cat Quest 3 Feline Adventure Launches This August

Excited to dive into Cat Quest 3 before August arrives? No worries, because you can check out a demo of the game, at Steam Next Fest now. It’s a chance to experience the fun and see if this cat themed adventure is up your alley.

While Cat Quest 3 may not be an indie hit or a big budget blockbuster, its gameplay and charming vibe are what make it so enjoyable. With its combat mechanics engaging leveling system and plenty of feline jokes it’s an indulgence thats hard to resist. So mark your calendars for August 8th. Get ready to embark on a journey, in the world of Cat Quest 3!


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