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Callisto Protocol: A Surprising Addition to October’s PS Plus Games?

October's PS Plus reveals Callisto Protocol as a top pick.

The gaming community is abuzz, with excitement over the PlayStation Plus Essential games for October. One title that has caught everyones attention is the Callisto Protocol especially since it was released in December of year. This addition provides an opportunity for PlayStation fans to try out the game at a price especially if they haven’t purchased it yet.

According to sources, including the known leaker Billbil kun both the Callisto Protocol and Farming Simulator 22 are expected to be part of the Essential tier for all PS Plus subscribers. This news is particularly interesting for the Callisto Protocol considering its journey since its launch.

Unfortunately the game didn’t meet sales expectations set by its publisher, Krafton. As a result there were some consequences such as Striking Distance (the developer) laying off 32 employees in August. Additionally Glen Schofield, the founder of Striking Distance confirmed his departure from the company due to reception of the game.

Callisto Protocol

However being included in the PS Plus lineup could be a game changer, for The Callisto Protocol. It presents an opportunity to capture an audience and potentially change its narrative.

As September comes to a close the gaming community is eagerly anticipating Sonys announcement, about the games that will be included in Octobers lineup for PS Plus.

For those curious about the selection of games on PS Plus there is a detailed guide that provides information on each game. However with the possibility of the Callisto Protocol joining the lineup October holds promise for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

In summary if the rumors are true and the Callisto Protocol becomes part of the PS Plus Essential games for October it would demonstrate how unpredictable and exciting the gaming world can be. Only time will reveal whether this is a move by Sony or an opportunity for redemption, for the game itself.


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