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Bungie Apologizes for Destiny 2’s Troubled Expansion Launch

Destiny 2 developer Bungie apologizes for the connection issues plaguing The Final Shape expansion launch.

Bungie, the company, for the game Destiny 2 recently expressed a heartfelt apology to its loyal player community after encountering challenges during the launch of their latest expansion, The Final Shape. This anticipated update aimed to bring closure to the games overarching narrative. Faced technical difficulties that hindered many players from fully enjoying the new content.

Gamers experienced issues such as disconnections from missions missing crucial story scenes and setbacks in their gameplay progression. These problems had an impact on The Final Shapes user rating, on Steam, which sharply declined to ” negative ” with players expressing their discontent through clever and humorous remarks.

Bungie’s Response and Fixes

Bungie Apologizes for Destiny 2's Troubled Expansion Launch

After receiving feedback from players the team, behind Destiny 2 took to Twitter to address the concerns surrounding the expansion. Bungie acknowledged the connectivity issues that had been affecting players experience with The Final Shape and sincerely apologized for the inconvenience. They reassured fans that they were actively working on fixing each problem with many of the mornings connection issues already resolved.

Bungie has implemented updates to tackle the bugs causing players to get kicked out of activities emphasizing that this is their focus. For those who missed cutscenes due to instability players were advised to replay those missions using the Replayable Missions feature on the Pale Heart map.

Despite a start Destiny 2; The Final Shape has reignited interest in the franchise reaching an impressive peak of 315,285 concurrent players on Steam alone. As Bungie continues to address any remaining issues fans are left speculating about what lies for the series with some hinting at a possible sequel for Destiny 2, in the future.


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