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The Best Places to Find Plenty of Brain Fungus in Fallout 76

Gather loads of Brain Fungus from these locations in Fallout 76 for crafting useful items.

If you’re looking to craft consumables and aid items in Fallout 76, one key ingredient you’ll need is Brain Fungus. This mutated plant restores health and hunger when consumed but also carries radiation. Gathering it in bulk is necessary to produce useful aid items. Luckily, there are some reliable locations offering plenty of Brain Fungus for the taking.

One such spot is Gauley Mine in The Forest region. Inside this mine you can find up to 26 pieces of Brain Fungus, making it a great early game source. While Scorched and Mole Rats pose a threat, the rewards outweigh the risks. Be sure to search every crevice of the mine tunnels for maximum fungus gathering.

Deeper in the Wasteland

Brain Fungus

For those venturing deeper into Appalachia, Kerwood Mine within the hazardous Cranberry Bog is another top Brain Fungus location. Despite increased dangers like Mole Miners, ticks and radroaches, this mine boasts an even higher fungus yield. Overcome the tough enemies and the plentiful Brain Fungus is yours for the taking.

The highest concentration of Brain Fungus can be found within Wendigo Cave, though it comes at great risk. Housing over 100 pieces as well as threats like Mirelurks, ghouls and Wendigos, only the strongest surviviors should dare enter. But the massive Brain Fungus rewards make the peril worth it for prepared vault dwellers.


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