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Balatro Gets Bigger and Better With Its Massive First Major Update

New "rental" and "perishable" joker variants are in the works to add more strategic layers.

The breakout hit Balatro has enthralled players and critics alike with its unique blend of card gameplay and roguelike mechanics. Now, the game is taking it to the next level with an absolutely massive first major update that brings significant improvements and additions across the board.

LocalThunk, the developers behind Balatro, have revealed extensive patch notes detailing the wide range of adjustments coming in this upgrade. Ante costs are being rebalanced at each stake level to make progression feel smoother. Additionally, new “rental” and “perishable” joker variants are in the works to add more strategic layers.

A Major Step Forward For Balatro


With so many tweaks, buffs and new mechanics planned, it’s clear this update represents a major step forward for Balatro. Jokers, tarots, blinds and more are receiving valuable reworks to refine existing systems. The update also aims to perfect performance after some players experienced issues. When all is said and done, Balatro may feel like an even deeper game post-patch.

Fans can already try out the changes through Steam betas or look for the full public release soon. It’s exciting to see what’s next for Balatro as the developers deliver valuable upgrades to augment an already excellent and addictive title. This first major update looks set to strengthen an already impressive indie darling.


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