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Ascendant Infinity Takes Team Shooters to New Heights with Its Clever Mechanics

Carefully designed objectives and systems that encourage cerebral teamwork.

PlayFusion is looking to shake up the team shooter genre with their upcoming title Ascendant Infinity. Beyond its loudmouthed characters, the game hides cleverly designed mechanics that encourage strategic thinking in its 4v4v4v4 battles. Players take on the role of survivors awakened from cryosleep over 800 years in the future to find a post-apocalyptic Earth.

At the heart of the gameplay is the fight over three valuable Biocore orbs located in a central facility. Teams must secure the orbs and complete lengthy extractions to claim victory. However, achieving this is no simple task, as Ascendant Infinity provides many choices to consider through its economy system. Squads can trade resources for upgraded weapons and shields or search for powerful temporary abilities to turn the tides of battle.

Deep Strategic Depth Beneath the Surface

Ascendant Infinity

While the basic objectives are straightforward, Ascendant Infinity offers surprising depth. The randomized map layout and available events means no two matches play out the same. Adaptability is key, and taking risks such as hunting powerful loot or controlling giant creatures can swing momentum. Even when behind, teams aren’t out of the fight thanks to options like farming credits or helping turn the tide at extractions.

Beneath its brash characters, Ascendant Infinity hides thoughtful design that elevates team shooters to new strategic heights. Its emphasis on adaptation and non-linear paths to victory encourages cerebral play rather than run and gun chaos. PlayFusion is set to shake up the genre when it launches next summer on PC.


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