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Arena Breakout Infinite Coming to Conquer PC Gamers

Craft the perfect arsenal in Arena Breakout: Infinite with over 500 weapon parts.

MoreFun Studios, the creators of the game Arena Breakout have revealed that their highly anticipated follow up, Arena Breakout; Infinite, will be making its way, to PC platforms later in 2024. Expanding on the extraction style gameplay loved by players, Arena Breakout Infinite is set to offer a immersive gaming experience for PC users.

Bringing the action to a scale on PC screens Arena Breakout Infinite will transport gamers to the war torn world of Kamona. Playing as a mercenary you’ll navigate through combat arenas scattered across the region to secure items amidst intense battles. With a plethora of weapon customization choices exceeding 500 options you’ll have access to a variety of tools for enemy takedowns. Additionally stim packs and medkits will enable healing during combat situations to keep you in the thick of action.

Creating Your Ultimate Loadout

Arena Breakout Infinite

Featuring an array of components that can be mixed and matched at will Arena Breakout Infinite empowers players to tailor their loadouts according to their preferences. Adjust rifle components such as stocks, sights, barrels and more to achieve stats. Tune your equipment for stability during prolonged engagements or enhanced accuracy over distances. Experimentation is key in gaining an advantage over rivals in the Dark Zone environment. Regular updates and community engagement ensure that the gameplay experience remains dynamic and equitable, over time.

In its year, on devices Arena Breakout gained popularity for its extraction style combat showing that players enjoy this gameplay. With the release of Arena Breakout Infinite on platforms, beyond phones and tablets the game aims to attract a wider audience through its unique features and immersive open world experience. Fans can now participate in the beta version before the PC launch scheduled for this year.


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