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Apple Quietly Downgrades M2 iPad Air’s GPU to 9 Cores

Apple has silently downgraded the M2 iPad Air's GPU from 10 cores to 9 cores without any explanation.

Apple made a move by adjusting the specifications of the newly launched M2 iPad Air reducing its GPU from the initially promoted 10 cores to only 9 cores. This modification was implemented without any announcement or clarification, from the company causing confusion among users and technology enthusiasts.

The M2 iPad Air, which hit the market a month ago was initially marketed as having a M2 chip with a 10 core GPU. However Apple has recently revised the details, on the devices webpage to indicate the absence of one GPU core. Interestingly this alteration seems to have occurred in the 10 days and is not yet uniformly reflected on all of Apples websites.

Implications of the GPU Downgrade

Apple Quietly Downgrades M2 iPad Air's GPU to 9 Cores

The impact of this downgrade remains unclear as Apple has not given any clarification, on the issue. It raises questions about communication errors regarding the specifications of the M2 iPad Air or other factors influencing the alteration.

Interestingly this marks the time Apple has introduced an M2 chip with a 9 core GPU setup. While other M2 powered devices like the MacBook Air offer either 8 core or 10 core GPU choices it appears that the M2 chip in the iPad Air may be a modified version of the 10 core model with one core disabled.

Although most users may not notice a difference between a 9 core and 10 core GPU in their use of the M2 iPad Air it would be beneficial for Apple to provide a rationale for this unexpected modification. Transparency, about why this downgrade occurred could help uphold trust and clarity for customers who have already bought or are thinking about purchasing the device.


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