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Apple iPhone 16: Rumored Features and Upgrades Revealed

Leaks suggest the Apple iPhone 16 will feature an Action button and upgrades.

With the launch of the Apple iPhone 16, on the horizon, speculations and leaks regarding its functionalities have been circulating widely across the web. The next gen iPhone is set to introduce a range of enhancements, including an Action button, a robust chipset and improved camera features.

A standout feature anticipated in the Apple iPhone 16 is said to be the Action button, inspired by its predecessors. The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models. This customizable physical button enables users to assign tasks like activating the flashlight, opening apps or starting a FaceTime conversation. It offers a way to access used functions.

Camera Improvements and Design Changes

Apple iPhone 16 Rumored Features and Upgrades Revealed

The upcoming Apple iPhone 16 is set to come with a Capture button, which will serve as a camera shutter button, for taking photos and videos. This feature is expected to improve the photography experience on the device. There are rumors circulating that Apple might change the orientation of the camera lens from diagonal to vertical allowing users to capture Spatial Video for an viewing experience.

Although the overall look of the Apple iPhone 16 may resemble its predecessor closely there are talks about Apple considering using power materials for the display. Internally its anticipated that the iPhone 16 series will run on chips manufactured on TSMCs 3nm node with the iPhone 16 and 16 Plus possibly equipped with the Bionic A18 chip while the Pro models could feature an even more powerful Bionic A18 Pro chip.

Additionally there are whispers about a design based on graphene being in development to address any heating concerns. Regarding color choices leaks suggest that consumers may have options such, as blue, pink, yellow, black, green, white and purple when it comes to selecting an iPhone 16.


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