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An Everyday Story Will Be at Steam Next Fest With a New Demo

An Everyday Story, a story-based puzzle game will make its debut at the Steam Next Fest starting on June 19th this year with a brand new demo.

Developed and published by Cactus Production, An Everyday Story will participate in the upcoming Steam Next Fest with its new demo. An Everyday Story is a 2.5D Horizontal Story-Driven Platformer about a man who goes through his life memories. The indie game offers a visually stunning atmosphere and is set to be released in 2023.

You will revisit the man’s experiences from the perspective of three little trinkets he kept dear; these memories will be filled with oniric and fantastic elements. These trinkets are toys he was gifted by someone he loved or gifted by him to a dear one; therefore, they function as a memento of his sliding doors (life-altering moments). You’ll be able to witness both the highlights and lowlights of his life, from his childhood until his last breath.

These objects were either gifted to our character by someone they loved or given by our character to someone dear to them. Each toy has unique abilities, weaknesses, and strengths. For instance, the lead soldier can parachute from high places and light up dark areas with a lighter. The paper bat can slide under closed doors and glide through the air.

As we witness the most significant moments of the main character’s life from childhood to the present, we must solve challenging puzzles in our surroundings and defeat enemies. If you enjoy puzzle platform games like Inside and Limbo, you will greatly appreciate An Everyday Story. Cactus Production, have not yet announced the official release date, but you can add it to your Steam wishlist if you wish.


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